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"Treasury Bills hold many significant advantages than any regular savings account" to us today
How did Anne Scheiber turn $500 to a fortune in the stock market. What strategies did this female legend use?
It is not too bad to be old or poor. But it is a tragedy to be old and poor.
Market Strategy 101:
It is not timing the market that is important, but TIME IN THE MARKET!!
Looking for a risk - free investment?
Buy Treasury Bills.
At FSL, Women Investors are also important to us.

The biggest challenge of money mgt is:

How to make money with money.
How to make money grow at a rate higher than inflation.
"I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money." ... WIll Rogers
Some Commonsense Principles:
You are your own Best Investment
Invest for Growth
Take Control over Your Investments
Two Common Investment Mistakes:
Neglecting to learn about investing
Taking too much or too little risk
Investment Advisory Services

We provide helpful information to both experienced and inexperienced investors interested in the Nigeria Market on available options based on desired investor-objectives and action required. This service is without any obligations on the part of any enquirer to do business with us.

We undertake investment audit/critical appraisal of client existing portfolio of equities, debentures etc to identify how overall performance can be improved. This review, we recommend, should be done at least once a year.

Clients who prefer to decide for themselves the timing of purchases and disposal of equities but still desire the input of seasoned professionals in daily contact with the pulse of the capital market can commission us to carry out special studies on their behalf.

Our Investment Advisory Service extend to assisting client with drawing up investment plan and assist in setting up of trust funds. Have any question? Click here.

Shares Purchase and Sales Services (The SMA Account)

This is the ideal investment program for any investor with a long-term perspective and seek avenue to make regular purchases of shares as a way of saving through the Stock Management Account (SMA).

Under this arrangement, investment in shares/treasury bills becomes simply a matter of sending your cheque or issue normal bank transfer instruction for the agreed amount to us monthly.

This proven way of achieving above average returns over the long-term will be especially beneficial to most individual average investor.

Minimum initial deposit is NGN500,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) or $US3,570 for shares; and regular monthly/quarterly deposits as agreed with us. Quarterly statement of account; investment status, and relevant documentations in respect of your investment will be mage available.

Should you desire to also sell to create needed liquidity, you will find our execution speed and payment process a pleasure.

Click here to fill your form and start investing or sell now.

Registrar Services

Looking for your Certificates, Dividends, or Bonds?

Our registrar department provides the following services:

  1. Recoveries and updated reports of dividends, certificates, etc.
  2. Verification of shares for keeps, sales or transfer.
  3. Estates (Probate)
  4. Valuation and Consolidation of shares.
  5. Provision of Indemnities (when necessary)
  6. Transfer of shares to the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS).
  7. Consolidation of multiple share account.

View the documents that will be sent to you evidencing the transaction.

Click here to contact the us.

Portfolio Management

We also offer professional asset management services to personal trusts and individuals who already own or wish to acquire substantial holdings in equities and debt instruments/fixed income instruments.

We are able to manage a variety of shares, fixed-income or combined portfolios according to objectives or targets agreed with client. Drawing on our internet databank of diligent and fundamental research we can by timely intervention in the capital market achieve for clients goals such as:

  1. Protection of funds;
  2. Capital growth; and
  3. Minimisation of fluctuation or volatility.

Minimum initial investment for the Portfolio Management Service is NGN1,000,000 (One Million Naira) or $US10,000 with additional investments as funds become available.

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Investment Seminar & Training

To provide information seekers and interested investors an opportunity for a very practical one-on-one dialogue, FSL provides a 1 to 3 hour prepaid informational session to investment clubs, staff unions, company personnel, social clubs, etc. The content covers pertinent areas in financial planning and financial market investment options in Nigeria.

Click here to contact us for additional details.

Trust Services

A Trust is created by the transfer from an individual ("The Settlor"), of assets ("The Trust Fund") to trustees. The terms of the trust are defined ("The Trust Deed") that sets out the powers given to the trustees with regard to the administration of the Trust Fund. It also contains details of the person(s) for whose ultimate benefit the trust has been established ("The Beneficiary(ies)"). This service provides you with a flexible and efficient way to safeguard assets.

At FSL, our trust solution permits you to make provision for your dependants, secure in the knowledge that valuable personal and family assets, such as cash, securities, and landed property, can be protected, ensuring their smooth and orderly transfer. It is particularly useful where you require a proper structuring of your portfolio of assets, and where for a variety of reasons, you would rather not hold such assets personally, but prefer that they are held and administered together by a third party, as a single Trust Fund.

Our trust services include:

  • drafting of the initial trust document take care of your own unique circumstances,
  • the administration of the trust,
  • the eventual termination of the trust.

The Trust Deed will be drafted to accommodate your wishes during lifetime and thereafter for the benefit of future generations, whilst still providing you with the ability to retain full control over your assets during your lifetime. You can be assured that complete confidentiality of ownership will be maintained as our discretion in the handling of personal finances is very much in consonance with core values.

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Nigerian Treasury Bills (NTB)

These are short-term Federal Government backed debts instruments used by the Government to control money supply in the economy. As such, they can be considered as short-term "loan" to the Federal Government.

Issued every week, these bills are usually for a 91-day tenor only with options of rollover.


  1. Because it is guaranteed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, it is generally accepted as a risk-free investment. The rate it pays often acts as a benchmark for short-term rates in the economy.
  2. It is a discountable instrument. That means interest is "paid up front". This provides any investor an opportunity to re-invest the interest so earned and thereby compounding earnings in the long run.
  3. The Bills can be used as security for loan and can be easily re-discounted before maturity should the need arise by the Central Bank of Nigeria through authorised dealer like FSL.
  4. At maturity, you receive a CBN cheque for the matured sum or request for a rollover on submission of the initial certificates issued during your last investment.
  5. The interest rate at which it was purchased remains until the bills mature except of course there is an early redemption need. In this case, a fee determined by the CBN is chargeable as well as our commission of 0.05%.

Accessing the NTB Market

  1. Buying NTBs require the services of an authorised dealer such as First Stockbrokers Limited. The use of a stockbroker as opposed to other authorised dealers could significantly reduce service charge costs.
  2. Purchase of NTBs is as simple as filling the FSL Treasury Bill Account Opening Form and paying in the desired investment amount either by cheque or cash or direct transfer to our account.
  3. For this service, no charges are accruable to client. The CBN pays the commission of the authorised dealer - in this case FSL. This commission is 0.05%.
  4. Minimum account opening amount required is NGN100,000.
  5. Nigeria Treasury Bills are purchased from CBN for a minimum amount of NGN10,000 and in multiples of NGN1,000 thereafter.
  6. The interest rates on the bills is the applicable during the week of bidding as issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
  7. The Bids are submitted every Tuesday and confirmation of acceptance received every Thursday.

On purchase of the NTBs, see the list of documents you will receive to confirm our execution of transaction.

Capital Market Services

The merits of investing in shares and equities include income from dividends, protection from inflation, capital gains appreciation, easy marketability of quoted shares, the possibility of starting small through fixed regular monthly purchases of shares, spreading risks by acquiring a variety of shares and the use of equity as security for loan.

We do recommend it as a long-term option. The investment instruments are equities (shares).

  • Equities (Shares)

    There are 195 companies from 26 sectors of the Nigerian Economy currently listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. FSL support investors to actively buy and sell these company shares from both the primary and secondary markets.

  • Rights Issues

    This is a derivative capital market product providing investors opportunity to purchase more rights than assigned to them or sell these rights for a value if they are unable, or unwilling to take them up.

  • Federal and State Government of Nigeria Development Bonds

    These are 2-25 year debt instrument by the Federal Government of Nigeria or State Governments to enable development activities in the country. The current democratic dispensation in the Nigerian nation is making the market for these instruments an interesting one to watch. It is an available option.

    Our current facilities in FSL has well positioned us to make substantial representation for any interested investor.

    Apply now to buy shares/stocks/bonds.

    When you purchase any of the capital market products, FSL will ensure you receive the correct documents.


This section list all the documentations needed to transact in both the money and capital markets.

Capital Market Documents

  • A receipt for your cash/cheque
  • Contract Note (on purchase of shares)
  • Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) confirmation of purchases
  • Shares/Stock Certificates as and when received from Registrars
  • Investment Status (Monthly)
  • Statement of Account (Quarterly)
  • Any other information (on request)

Nigerian Treasury Bills Documents

  • A receipt for your cash/cheque payment
  • A letter evidencing the executed bid
  • A copy of the bill if so requested OR a certificate evidencing custody by FSL of the issued bill.

Registrar Services Documents

  • Payment Receipt
  • Script Receipt
  • Commitment Form
  • CSCS Documentation

Investment Partnerships

Why an Investment Partnership?

Very often, the main challenge in keeping up with a definite personal investment strategy (especially one with a long-term perspective) has to do with consistency and tenacity of purpose in the face of many risks and distractions along the way.

Anyone is capable of being discouraged in this process and thereby become open to emotions that can lead them to take decisions leading to significant negative returns.

In more ways than one, being part of an Investment Partnership greatly enhances your chances of being a successful in this art.

What is an Investment Partnership?

It is an informal, lively, active working group of persons committed to being in control of their financial lives and focused on achieving very specific investment objective.

Highly self-regulated and independent, the group commits to supporting each other professionally towards learning and maximizing the benefits for the Art of Investing.


  • Provide an open supportive environment favorable to investment discussions as well as continuous and consistent investing.
  • Be a learning process for both the novice and skilled.
  • Demystify the art of investing
  • Access the numerous advantages of NUMBERS and varied experiences on:
    • Investment Options, risks and return.
  • Support the development of those key disciplines that make for successful personal investing e.g study, research, patience etc.
  • Achieve specific targets in phases e.g your first N1 Million in returns, Next N5 million, N10 million etc.

How to Join?

  1. You can opt to join an existing one (meaning you are willing to subscribe to their existing rules); or
  2. You can start one yourself (with like-minded persons). i.e. childhood friends, work friends professional colleagues, church members etc.

In all cases, we shall be available to facilitate the process at no cost in the first year.

Preliminary Process

  1. Contact potential members (Min 5 and Max 12 persons)
  2. Agree on a first meeting date (remember to invite an FSL/IFP facilitator)
  3. Develop your unique “Operational Rules”
  4. Have every member demonstrate faith and commitment to the process by
    - Signing the rules
    - Paying up the agreed initial investment amount.

Possible Range of Activities

  • Numerous. Depends on the nature, characteristics, and creativeness of the partnership
  • Composition, banding, volume of investible funds etc.


FREE. It is expected however that logistic costs (outside the company premises) be borne by the club.

How to register

The Investment Partnership Coordinator
Plot 38, Kofo Abayomi Street
Victoria Island – Lagos
Tel: 2700053, 2700054, 2625979 Fax:2624704


What is a Bond?
A Bond is a long-term debt instrument, usually with a maturity of three (3) Years and above.

Who issues Bonds?
Bonds are issued by governments and companies.

Why does the government issuing the Bond?

To finance its capital expenditures and further develop the Nigerian capital market.

What is the benefit to the Economy?

It enthrones a more rational management of Government’s Fiscal and Monetary Operations. By funding it’s debt in the capital market and by issuing longer tenured securities, Government will further it’s economic reform program and help develop the nation’s capital market.

What are the benefits to the Investor?

The investment is “default risk-free
Tax-free interest income
Relatively high returns
Can be used as a Collateral security
It is fully transferable/marketable on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)
Qualifies as a liquid asset for Banks when two years to maturity

Who can invest?

The Bond is open to the general public, i.e individuals, cooperatives, Corporate bodies. etc

How do I buy the Bond?

Contact First Stockbrokers Limited

How will bond transaction be settled and cleared?

Transactions in the secondary market will settle on normal securities settlement cycle and will be cleared using the services and clearing platform of the Central Securities Clearing Settlement (CSCS)

What is the Minimum Amount one can invest?

A minimum of N10,000 and in multiples of N1,000

Payment Terms

Often payable in full on application.

How often is interest paid?

Interest is often paid twice a year until maturity date.

How will the interest be paid?

By Issue of interest warrant or direct credit through the Banker to the Bondholders.

Can I sell a Bond before Maturity date?

Yes, if listed on the floor of the NSE. It is fully transferable and can be traded on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

How Secure is a bond investment?

It is secured on the full faith and asset of the issuer i.e. Government/Corporate entity.

Capital Market Documents

  • A receipt for your cash/cheque
  • Contract Note (on purchase of shares)
  • Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) confirmation of purchases
  • Shares/Stock Certificates as and when received from Registrars
  • Investment Status (Monthly)
  • Statement of Account (Quarterly)
  • Any other information (on request)

"I think the best way to learn how to invest is to invest".
     ...Hugo Koehler
"Get-rich-quick schemes just don't work. If they did everyone on the face of the earth would be a millionaire".
The big profits go to the intelligent, careful and patient investor, not the overeager speculator'.
The prudent Investor is not a speculator he is prudent and discrete.
He makes his investment in a way that protects principal and maximizes returns.
"The best time to start investing was yesterday.
The second best time is today.
Tomorrow is better than nothing".

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